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Non Denim Pants

Luxury, Comfort Impeccable Style

Crafted from the richest, premium fabrics and exceptional handcrafted details, 34 Heritage offers a variety of luxury non denim pants.

Non Denim Pants

Inspired by the lifestyle of the modern professional.
34 Heritage is the Quintessential Denim Brand for the Modern Gentleman.

Perfect Fit in Modern Styles

Not All Jeans Are Created Equal

Our jeans are progressive and sophisticated. Understated and refined design, with classic elegance and modern style.

Perfected Fits In Varying Sizes

We offer a range of fits both modern and classic, for gentlemen of varying shapes, sizes and personal tastes.

Pursuit Of Excellence iIn All Things

With exceptional handcrafted details, 34 Heritage is the perfect accompaniment to your rich lifestyle, suited for work, relaxation and recreation.