Pant Breaks: Why It's Key to a Polished Look

Pant Breaks: Why It's Key to a Polished Look

There are few things more important in menswear than fit. It’s pretty clear when your pants don’t fit right. You put them on and they’re too tight around the thigh, or they’re baggy around the waist. Too often, pant length also seems to be a problem.

Pants too short? You’ve got a strange amount of ankle peeking through. Pants too long? You’re tripping over excess fabric. So what is the perfect pants length?

We’re demystifying the answer to this question by exploring pant lengths and find the best length that will fit your body type. From skinny jeans to chinos, it’s time you knew what the perfect pants length is for your best fit.

First, some definitions. In the world of menswear, the "break" refers to how much creasing occurs at the bottom of the trousers due to the length of fabric resting on one’s shoes. The amount of "break" can be the difference between polished or frumpy, tailored or borrowed.  

Straight Leg Pants Length

Straight leg pants are among the most versatile fits, and you can find plenty of options in this style in both denim and dress pants. 

For men, straight leg pants look best with slight to no break at the hem. This means they hit your foot just below the ankle and often right where the top of your shoes are. Measure your inseam length to determine what this pants length would be. Your inseam is the length of the leg from the crotch seam to the hem. You can check out our men’s size guide for more definitions and to find your proper size.

For a classic men’s straight leg jean, Charisma Classic Fit Pants in Cafe Comfort is a timeless style with a comfortable higher rise in an incredibly soft and stretchy fabric. This style is among our collection of men's jeans that come in 30" inseams and 36" inseams for shorter and taller men.

For a slimmer fit, opt from our straight leg pants like Courage Straight Leg Jeans in Deep Refined, which look best with no breaks at the hem thanks to the more defined tapering of the leg. 

Best Length for Skinny and Slim Leg Jeans

Like straight leg jeans, slim and tapered styles look best with a pants length that has no break at the hem. Often, these pants look great either cuffed or cropped. The perfect pants length here if opting for a cuffed or cropped look should highlight the skinniest part of the leg, breaking at the ankle or a few inches above the ankle bone. Be careful here in avoiding pants that are too short.

Men can go for a classic look in Cool Tapered Leg In Rinse Urban. Easy to cuff and wear just above the shoe break or wear full length with no break, the slim leg and vintage styling offer a streamlined look with retro appeal. As part of our dedication to providing a variety of sizing options, these are available in a 30-inch inseam.

Cropped or Rolled Pants

The cropped trouser has become one of the biggest menswear trends of the last few years. This “break” is characterized by a lack thereof, and also by an inch or two of ankle/sock baring above the shoe (in this case, the pants don’t skim the shoe at all).

The Courage Straight Leg Pants in Shark Twill is a great choice to style with a rolled hem. With a contrast dark wash on the inside, they're perfect for rolling to showcase statement footwear.

Vintage denim with a lighter inside wash and selvage stitching is prime to be worn rolled for an edgy, sophisticated look. 

Which Pants Length is Right for You?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the length you wear your pants. The amount of break you choose to wear is ultimately a personal style choice. But the perfect pants length doesn’t have to be difficult to find. Finding your inseam to find your best fit is the first step. Then be flexible. If you want to be professional but also keep your wardrobe up-to-date, a slight break will be the perfect touch. Alternatively, if you want to showcase your fashion sense and don’t mind letting your ankles and socks occasionally steal the show, go for no break or a cropped hem.